Neighbourhood Plan

Where are we?

What’s Next ?

At the April 2017 Parish Council Meeting, following a presentation made by NLC Spatial Planning on the possible future provision of a Neighbourhood Plan, The Council  decided to further explore the matter and  asked for your views and note any offers of help.

As a result of your responses, in December 2017 North Lincolnshire Spatial Planning, Economy & Growth,Business Development initiated a consultation on the Application for Designation of Barrow upon Humber Neighbourhood Area. The consultation, which closes 4:30 Friday 9th February 2018 can be viewed online in the Neighbourhood Planning Section of the North Lincolnshire Council website at

 The next phase is the Creation of a Steering Group

This  Group will, through engagement with the community via meetings, events, notices and /or social media, and consultation with North Lincolnshire, surrounding Town & Parish Councils and other Statutory Bodies such as Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England, be responsible for the :

Development of a Vision (15-20 year strategy setting out the aspirations for the community.) and Objectives (what the Neighbourhood Plan aims to achieve)

 Generation of Options and the

Creation of a Draft of the neighbourhood Plan for

  • submission to North Lincolnshire (for independent and examination and consultation)
  • community approval via referendum (Open to anyone who is registered to vote in the Neighbourhood Plan Area)

It is anticipated that this stage of the process will take a minimum of 2 years.

Once approved, the Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted as part of the Development Plan for North Lincolnshire

The Parish Council would like to hear from members of the public living or working in the Parish including representatives from: Community Based Fund raising Groups/ Clubs; Residential Facilities; Retail & Hospitality; Sport & Recreation; Agriculture (land owners); Business/Independent Traders and Service Providers, who are interested in becoming a member of the Steering Group and be part of this exciting venture which will see a Neighbourhood Plan for Barrow upon Humber become a reality.

 If you would like to bring your interest, skills and experience to the Group, please contact us by email at or by post to:

Butterfly Cottage, New Holland Rd, Barrow upon Humber DN19 7AH

You will be contacted following the outcome of the North Lincolnshire consultation. Please note that in order to ensure representation from a broad spectrum of the community, it may be necessary to limit the number of representatives from a specific sector.